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Velovita Brān Reimagined Zlēm V-Pack Samples

How to Get Velovita Brān Reimagined or Zlēm Samples

Do you want to try some Brān Reimagined or Zlēm Sleep & Slim samples before you buy a full box? You can do just that.

Brān Reimagined and Zlēm comes in .51 oz “snaps” and a regular box contains 25 snaps. You can save money on boxes by placing automatic purchases each month on “v-fill.” You can also get your box for free just by referring three other people who also place a monthly v-fill.

But to try Brān or Zlēm samples first, Velovita created a five-sample V-Pack. You can get a V-Pack of five Brān samples (a mix of the three flavors), or one with five Zlēm samples, or even a combo pack with a mix of both.

A V-Pack gives you the ability to experience all the incredible benefits of these products for five days. If you love it, you can then order a full box or enroll in the discounted v-fill orders.

The five-sample V-Packs are $24.95 and are shipped with flat-rate two-day express shipping. Multiple V-Packs can be purchased.

See the short video example below for how to order. If you have questions, contact us here any time. If you’re ready to order a V-Pack, just click below!

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