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3 Ways Velovita Helps You Build Your Business

Imagine launching a company right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. That’s exactly what Velovita did. Going through pre-launch in the spring of 2020 and its full launch a little less than a year later, the Miami-based bio-hacking wellness company was forced to get creative with just about every aspect of the business from day one.

Virtual communication with field distributors and customers was key, so the company leveraged email, the Telegram chat app and consistent online conferences to grow engagement. Top corporate executives and the company’s co-founders are actively involved.

Specifically, three weekly virtual sessions include Mindset Mondays, Launch Training and Social Selling Overview. Notifications and reminders for each session are sent via email and Telegram, including templated graphics with updated dates, times and topics. Sometimes, short teaser videos are used to help increase participation. Here’s what each session focuses on and how they are conducted.

1. Mindset Mondays

These positivity and motivational video sessions focus on different topics every Monday morning on the company’s Facebook page. They last roughly 15 minutes to help members get their week started with a positive purpose.

Since they are live, they generate more engagement than recorded videos. “Get your week started on the right track. If you understand the power you have in the form of choice, you have the key to a lifetime of accomplishment and joy,” one video description teased. 

2. Launch Training

These live business-building training sessions are hosted by field leaders in a live Zoom video conference every Monday night. Occasionally, special guest speakers are featured such as health experts who discuss benefits of certain products or the company’s “bio-hacking” strategy.

Distributors are invited to submit questions beforehand. Every first Monday of the month, Velovita’s co-founders give a monthly company update. These training are preceded by a quick company and opportunity overview (lasting roughly 20 minutes) for guests to attend who are considering the business.

3. Social Selling Overview

Every Tuesday night, this training focuses specifically on different social media marketing and sales strategies. Like the Launch Trainings, these are live Zoom conferences.

The philosophy teaches on topics such as growing an online following by creating curiosity, how to bring value to others, how to not be salesy, how to be a trusted authority, and more. Several successful distributors join as guest presenters teaching strategies that are working for them.

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